Fight off Sicknesses this Fall

The best way to describe the weather lately may be “typical Wisconsin.”  Warm some days, freezing the next, rain, snow, sunshine—it’s not unusual to experience all four seasons over the course of a week.  Because of this strange weather, it’s difficult for our bodies to get accustomed to the climate and many people are getting sick.

Kick a sickness’s butt before it hits you with these healthy-living tips:

  • Eat healthy foods.  An apple a day really does work, according to WebMD, and eating other healthy foods can boost your immune system and help you fight off sicknesses before they even start.  Do you have any favorite recipes that use a lot of fruits and/or vegetables?
  • Clean up your lifestyle.  Try to exercise more and quit smoking.  Did you know that smoking suppresses antibodies in your body that are there to protect against foreign invaders such as germs?  Not to mention that it can increase your health insurance premiums.  Start an exercise regime, even if it is simply walking for 20 minutes every day and get on the path to a healthier lifestyle.
  • Disinfect, disinfect, disinfect!  One of the best ways to stop germs is to get rid of them before they can enter your body.  Wipe down your desk, workspace, doorknobs, phones, remote controls, and other areas you regularly touch with disinfecting wipes or rubbing alcohol.  Keep a bottle of hand sanitizer handy to kill germs whenever and wherever you need.

Practicing these health tips will help you stay away from sickness this season.  Stay healthy so you can enjoy everything Central Wisconsin has to offer this autumn!


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