Everything You Need To Know About Winter-Related Insurance Claims

winterclaimsWinter weather triggers several types of claims in the insurance industry. Although losses from winter weather occur during the winter months, insurance professionals often deal with them all year round.

Last year we handled a variety of winter-related claims. These include slip and fall claims, motor vehicle accidents, property damage, personal injury, and others. The roads become more treacherous in the winter, as well as other conditions. Also, when the weather gets very cold there are risks of pipes freezing and other cold-weather claims that can occur.

Make sure you are protecting yourself with a home and auto policy from Community Insurance & Associates this winter.

Slip and fall claims are quite prevalent in the winter months. Sometimes, it is our commercials customers that have somebody slip and fall on their business property. Otherwise, it can be our customers with personal home insurance that have a visitor fall on their property. These claims can be expensive and require that people have a good insurance policy. Read more here on how you can reduce the risk for slip and fall claims this winter.

Car accidents are also a particularly common experience in the winter. Reduced visibility, poor road conditions, and snow storm conditions make driving in Wisconsin during the winter dangerous at times. Luckily, we have tips on our blog to help you handle winter road conditions. We are also able to provide you with a great auto insurance policy.

There are a variety of things that can lead to property damage claims in the winter. For starters, last year we had a few of our customers experience a roof collapse due to a large amount of snow. Snow raking in the winter is very important when there is a large amount of snowfall, like there was in Central Wisconsin last winter. Property damage can also occur from storm, wind, and exposure damage. Please feel free to contact your local agent to find out what your home or property policy covers, especially regarding winter-related losses.

Whatever type of winter weather claim that you may come across this winter, make sure you have the Community Insurance team behind you to assist you with that claim.

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