Energy-Efficient Appliances Can Benefit Your Wisconsin Home Insurance!

You have probably noticed that it’s becoming easier for consumers to choose the “green” option. Products like home appliances that are designed to be environmentally friendly and energy efficient can save on household energy and water bills in addition to helping to conserve our planet’s resources and reduce harmful greenhouse gas emissions.

It’s not just consumer products that have green options; a number of insurance providers now offer insurance policies with environmental benefits. We will be happy to discuss any green products that may be available to supplement your standard Wisconsin home insurance policy.

Choosing new household appliances is an opportunity to make a conscious, informed decision that can make a real difference in our environment.

• Be guided by the Energy Star rating of larger appliances like washing machines and refrigerators. The Energy Star is the international standard for energy efficiency: the more stars on a label, the more energy efficient an appliance is.
• Avoid choosing devices that continue to consume energy even when turned off.
• Avoid large plasma screen television sets. Sets with smaller screens or LED screens use energy much more efficiently than energy-hungry sets with plasma screens.
• Fluorescent lighting is much more energy efficient than halogen or incandescent lighting.

Be aware of the environmental impact of your purchasing decisions. Whether you’re comparing the energy efficiency of washing machines or checking to see if discounts are offered for homeowners with green homes, aim to make thoughtful, environmentally responsible choices with the protection of our Wisconsin home insurance!

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