Employee Safety: How to Handle Meat Slicers in a Restaurant

meatHere at Community Insurance we insure a variety of restaurants and meat markets. Employees are frequently using industrial grade meat slicers to cut large slabs of meat. These slicers are very sharp and can be quite dangerous if they are used improperly. This is why it is vital that employers train their employees to use them properly.

According to Society Insurance, meat slicers accounted for about 700 restaurant worker injuries. These injuries also result in several days of lost work.

Offering the proper training to your employees can help reduce the risk for potential problems.

• Any operator of the meat slicer should be at least 18 years of age.
• Make sure the employee has a clear understanding of the machine by testing them before they use it.
• Supply cut-resistant gloves and require that they be worn at all times when using the equipment.
• Keep the work area clean and tidy, always.
• Employees should never push meat through the slicer with their bare hands. Instead, encourage them to use a food pusher.
• Insist that employees lock the blade when they are not using it.
• Always remind employees that care and caution should be taken while using the tool.

Improper meat slicer handling can result in very serious injuries in the workplace. Encourage safety with the tips above. Also, remember that a workers compensation policy is necessary in order to protect your business financially. Let a local agent here at Community Insurance, set you up with a specially tailored policy that will satisfy all of your businesses insurance needs.

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