During National Safety Month, keep your loved ones safe by letting us protect you with our Wisconsin life insurance!

It is important for any family to create a safe environment for their children.  Although parents can’t protect them from everything the world holds, they can start by understanding how dangers have evolved since their own youth.

June is National Safety Month, and one the more common ideas of safety include avoiding injury in an accident, like buckling up or wearing a helmet.  However, in this age, there are also safety concerns with technology.  According to the Stevens Point Journal, bullying is easier than ever with Facebook and other social networking sites, which connect kids on a deeply personal level.  Juveniles are being charged for cyberbullying cases involving creating fake Facebook pages to make fun of classmates, or posting doctored photos with lewd captions.  In addition, text messaging can be a medium for bullying and emotional abuse.  However, cyber harassment and abuse cases can be avoided, primarily by educating parents and their children.  If kids understand that these can be hurtful and in some cases, illegal, potential bullies may not even commit these acts.  If bully victims speak out, they can make a difference for themselves and other victims.

Youth programs make a big difference as well.  According to the Cyberbullying Research Center, adolescent girls are significantly more likely to experience cyberbullying, which is why the Girl Scout Leadership Experience makes a difference for thousands of area girls.  Ninety-five percent of local Girl Scouts will stand up for what they believe in and speak out against what is wrong.  Therefore, for parents, one of the most effective ways to avoid bullying issues is to keep kids involved in programs that empower them to be positive leaders.

Here at Community Insurance and Associates, we are committed to family.  We understand that planning for the future can be difficult.  However, you should be able to spend more time enjoying life and not stressing over life insurance.  This is why we are experts on Wisconsin life insurance and can help you streamline the process of selecting a tailored life insurance policy.  Our dedicated team of professionals understands that you have specific needs, and we always put safety first.  The peace of mind you will feel knowing that your beneficiaries are protected if something happens to you is incomparable when you have life insurance.  Let us protect you and your loved ones from whatever comes your way in these unpredictable lives we lead!

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