Daylight Savings Time 2013

November 3rd, 2013 marks the day that we will set our clocks back an hour. At 2am our clocks can be set back an hour. This means an extra hour of sleep. Yay!


As we fall back, you will all probably be getting up Sunday morning to change the clocks in your house. As you are changing the clocks, keep in mind that your smoke detectors could use some new batteries. The holiday season is fast approaching and house fires are most common around this time of year.

Daylight savings is a very controversial issue. Many feel that that it is an unnecessary procedure that the United States has practiced for far too long. Daylight savings was originally instated during WWI to save energy for war production in order to take advantage of more hours of daylight. Most people dislike the idea of falling back because it gets darker much earlier. Meaning, you are no longer coming home from work while it is still light outside.

Whatever your view on daylight savings time is, just make sure you get some new batteries for your fire detectors in order to keep your home safe this winter.


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