The Dangers of Trampolines and Bounce Houses

Sport_Arena_Bounce_house_15x19_2014-02-03_14-15Graduation parties, cookouts, festivals, and other fun summertime events are all popular venues in which you will see bounce houses and trampolines. Bounce houses, which are supported by inflatable columns, can frequently cause injuries to children.

According to the Official Journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics, between 1990 and 2010 there were an estimated 64,657 children treated for bounce house injuries. Trampoline injuries are even more prevalent and the injuries can be worse because trampolines often times lack the enclosed walls that bounce houses provide. However, both trampolines and bounce houses are very dangerous.

Homeowners should be very hesitant about having a trampoline on their property. Many insurance companies are resistant to insure trampoline owners. There are companies that will refuse to insure, or include a trampoline exclusion, they may require the trampoline is enclosed by a net, or they could add a “nuisance charge” onto the policy.

As for bounce houses, your homeowners insurance may not cover an injury in the event that someone is hurt while in the bounce house on your property. If the bounce house is not installed properly, or the company you worked with is lacking proper liability insurance, then you could be responsible for paying medical bills for the person injured. If you do decide to have any inflatables at your upcoming event, just make sure they are installed by a reputable company.

All in all, trampolines and bounce houses should be avoided if possible; the risk of injuries is too high. If you do have a trampoline on your property, make sure your insurance company does know so that you are not unexpectedly dropped from your company for failing to tell them. Also, as a precaution, make sure your trampoline is secured with a safety net and you immediately fix any tears or rips in the net as soon as they occur.

Have a safe and enjoyable summer from all of us at Community Insurance & Associates.

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