Consider an Engine Tune Up for Enhanced Safety and Increased Gas Mileage

The best way to reduce the amount of money spent on gas for your car may be to purchase a hybrid or diesel fuelled car. Of course, that’s not a practical option for many people, but there may be ways to improve the gas mileage on your current car with basic maintenance tips. Proper car maintenance may also improve the safety of your car, reducing the risk of accident and of a claim being made against your Wisconsin auto insurance policy. 

In the event your car hasn’t had a tune up in a while, a thorough quality tune up may cost a few hundred dollars. However, the long term savings you could make on gas costs should offset the initial monetary outlay. What your car requires during a tune up depends on what your mechanic finds during an engine check. During a typical tune up the spark plugs, points and filter are checked, and the oil may be changed. 

Tire pressure is another car maintenance issue that is often overlooked. Ideally the pressure in your car’s tires should be checked at least once a month. The correct air pressure in your tires is essential for safety, may extend the life of your tires and is believed to improve gas mileage. 

Make a point of regularly booking your car in for a tune up. Just by replacing a faulty oxygen sensor or a dirty air filter, your car’s gas mileage might be significantly improved. Keeping your car’s engine and tires in excellent condition may also significantly increase your car’s safety, therefore lowering the risk of an accident related claim on your Wisconsin auto insurance.


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