Congratulations! You Just Won a Luxury Cruise…to Bankruptcy

In today’s world, there’s no such thing as being too safe.  This is especially true when dealing with your personal information.  We’ve all received emails and phone calls claiming that we just won a million dollars or a dream cruise.  And the best part?  All we have to do to claim our prize is give out our name, bank account number, social security number, or some other form of identification.

MC900434741.PNGThis is where a red flag should pop up in your brain.  If the offer seems too good to be true, it probably is.  If you’ve never heard of the company that is offering the prize to you, that’s probably because it was made up by the group trying to get your personal information in order to gain access to your funds and/or steal your identity.  Your best bet is to hang up or delete the emails and block the sender. 

You might also receive emails or phone calls from individuals claiming to be from your bank, credit union, or another financial institution.  If the email is asking you to send personal information via a reply email, DO NOT click on any links in the email and DO NOT reply to the email with your personal information.  The links could lead you to a Web site that installs malicious software on your computer that will send your personal information to another computer for someone to access.  Always call your financial institution directly and ask if they requested the information.  That way, if it really was them requesting the info, you can be sure that they are the only ones receiving your personal information.

If you ever receive an email or a phone call that claims to be from us but you aren’t certain, feel free to call us directly or contact your agent.  We understand that you want to keep your confidential information safe, so if you feel more comfortable giving it to us in person we will set up a time when we can meet with you.  Your safety is important to us and we will accommodate you the best we can.

Remember to keep your confidential information to yourself, even if you really do want to go on that luxury cruise you just “won.”


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