Communicating in Order to Build Mental Toughness

The Portage County Business Council hosts a “Women in Business” luncheon every quarter. The events are a wonderful opportunity to network and meet successful business women in the local community.

Most recently, the luncheon featured Diane Young who was the featured keynote speaker. Young’s presentation was titled, “Critical Communications.” Her experience in the Marine Corps has given her the insights to effectively communicate and strive for success. She is a coach for mental toughness and talked about goal setting, building credibility and respect, being a successful negotiator, and asserting yourself (3)

Young gave several great suggestions that can help anybody excel professionally.

1. Achieving your goals
When striving to achieve your goals, Young suggests you think about what kind of title you can give to yourself. What do you want to be? What do others think of you? Will your goals help you achieve the title you wish to have? Don’t wait to start achieving these goals. Start now and help yourself achieve the goals you aspire.

2. Building credibility and respect
By building credibility, you will earn respect. An essential part of building credibility is to always be professional, not emotional. Also, make sure you always share your expectations with others. Break the ice and make sure that another person knows exactly what you expect from them. Dressing appropriately will also help you build credibility. Don’t hold back from addressing something that has offended you. If you feel that someone is being offensive, address the matter.

3. Become a successful negotiator
Always look for a win/win situation. However, remember that everybody’s idea of a win/win is not the same. Finding a win/win may take time and require each party to back up and fully evaluate the situation. Becoming a successful negotiator also requires you to be able to use “I” statements in order to fully communicate yourself and what you need. Always be honest and direct with others.

4. Asserting yourself effectively
You should always make sure your assert your ideas up front. If you have a thought or idea, say it. If your idea needs some help, invite feedback from others. Contributing your ideas can lead to innovations and helpful suggestions.

The “Women in Business” luncheons are open to the public and can be a very insightful experience. Diane Young gave a very powerful and inspiring presentation that will get you motivated to create success for yourself.

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