Business Owners Will Not Want To Miss This

As summer begins and we begin to plant flowers, gardens, and
more we reflect on the growth in our own lives and hopefully in our own
businesses.  The past several years
economically may have been tough for some and I could even say many, but it
seems we are on the rise.  As we think
back on our past we have to prepare for our future as business owners and
business professionals.  It is important
to remember to have business insurance, even if you are a sole proprietorship,
an LLC, or a corporation. 

It can happen to anyone. 
We have seen and still see businesses closing doors, but it does not
have to happen to you from an unforeseen mishap.  Workers’ compensation can help save your
business in times when a worker gets hurt on the job and you have to pay for
his/her medical bills.  What would you do
without?  Have to pay for it out of your
own pocket, which for most of us cannot happen.

Other types of insurance specific to your business like a
bar can really benefit you too if something happens at bar close or if someone
comes after your bar.  It also helps in
case of other mishaps.  So make sure to
have business insurance.  I like to see
local, small businesses or even local businesses in general thrive and
insurance can keep you going that way. 
Though you may think to have auto insurance as it is against the law now
in Wisconsin to not have it, a business owner may not always think about
insurance for the business, the building, the people they employ, and the people
that may come into their office or place of business.  However, that is exactly what business owners
should be thinking.  Insurance.
Insurance. Insurance.

So make sure your pride and joy is covered from unforeseen realities,
so your doors can stay open for business and the locals and I can continue to
stop by for an ice cream cone, some financial advice, or a Friday night fish



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