Blockbuster Officially Closing all Stores

As of Wednesday, Blockbuster has announced that it will be closing the last three hundred of its stores in the United States by January. Once a very popular movie rental store, has now officially fallen to companies like Netflix. Not only is Blockbuster closing stores, but they are also ending their movies-by-mail system.

Consumers are becoming more inclined to obtain entertainment digitally. That is why most people have jumped on the bandwagon and subscribed to Netflix. However, the loss of Blockbuster, which is a very recognized tradition to many families, is a little hard to see go. People will no longer be able to make it a Blockbuster night.

With the changing of times comes a slew of streaming services that allows you to easily watch movies from home.

Here are some of the services that have overpowered Blockbuster:
1.) Netflix
2.) Redbox
3.) Amazon
4.) iTunes

Although Blockbuster may be no more, there are still video rental stores out there and within our community. Such as, Family Video, which offers great deals and still has quite a few locations in Central Wisconsin.


Do not let all traditions come to an end, and take a trip to a local video store this weekend. I hope that you can get your hands on an old classic movie that you haven’t seen in a while. Maybe even a movie that Netflix of Redbox does not offer.

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