Avoiding Tire Tread Separation

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Do you know what tire tread separation is, and how to decrease the possibility of it happening to your vehicle? Tread separation is a condition where the tread and steel band separates from the main body of the tire. It’s a dangerous situation that has the potential to cause a serious accident, and a possibly a claim against your Wisconsin auto insurance policy.

Common causes of tire tread separation:

•    Tire over inflation: Too much air in a tire dramatically reduces its ability to absorb shock from bumps in the road and perform properly. Be aware that tread separation may be triggered by severe jolting.

•    Hitting a large pothole: Large potholes should be driven over at a slower speed than normal driving. The impact of hitting a large pothole too fast may cause tread separation.

•    Faulty tire repair: A popular, inexpensive flat tire repair technique is to plug the leak and then seal a patch over the area. When this is done incorrectly the tip of the plug may initiate eventual tread separation.

•    Extreme tire wear: Typically, tires are designed to cope with a certain amount of mileage regardless of visible tread wear, and should be replaced when the limit is reached. Tires past their mileage maximum may be more susceptible to tread separation.

Tire tread separation most commonly occurs in retread tires being used by large trucks; however, it can also happen to tires used on regular passenger cars. To help avoid tread separation problems and a possible claim on your Wisconsin auto insurance, treat your vehicles tires’ with care and respect.


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