Avoiding Road Rage

Even the calmest of drivers may at times be angered by another motorist. Unfortunately, this can lead to loss of concentration and might even result in an accident. Reducing the risk of an episode of road rage may help reduce the risk of a claim being made against your Wisconsin auto insurance too. 

Tips that may help keep road rage at bay: 

•Calming music. Did you know aggressive music may make you feel hostile and belligerent? Conversely, soothing music may have a calming effect on your mood. When you’re on the road try listening to quieter music. 
•Pull off the road. When other drivers or road conditions begin to elevate your stress levels pull off the road for a few minutes and take a mini break. Fresh air and a cup of coffee may help you regain control of your feelings.
•Don’t rush. It’s easy to feel panicked and anxious when you know you are running late and you encounter heavy traffic or other road hold ups. Take a few deep breaths and make a point of talking yourself out of the urge to drive aggressively. 

Knowing how to calm down and feel more relaxed may be the key to avoiding road rage and staying safe on the road. Getting enough sleep may also help you stay relaxed – not to mention reducing the risk of you having a fatigue related accident and needing to make a claim on your Wisconsin auto insurance.


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