Avoid Being Involved in a Staged Accident Scam

Staged auto accident scams may be becoming increasingly popular, and unfortunately, the innocent person involved usually has no idea he or she is being scammed. To help keep your driving record as clean as possible and save a claim being made against your Wisconsin auto insurance, here’s how a typical staged accident scam works. 

When you’re out driving, another car cuts in front of you, abruptly brakes and you hit the rear end. Unfortunately, because you couldn’t stop in time to avoid a collision, legally it’s your fault. The damage seems minor and the accident so minor that injury was unlikely.

You later receive a call from the other driver’s attorney who informs you the damage to the other car is major and the driver and his three passengers are all claiming injury. Although you’ve probably figured out by now you’ve been scammed – but it may be almost impossible to prove it. 

Regardless of how minor an accident is, always report it to the police. Always record the details of the people involved, along with any witnesses, including license plate numbers. Use your cell phone to take pictures of the damage done to both cars. Never try to settle a claim personally. Always go through your Wisconsin auto insurance company or agent.


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