How To: Avoid Catching a Cold or Flu from Co-Workers

commoncoldThis time of year, it is very common to catch a cold or the flu. It seems that everywhere you go somebody is coughing or sniffling. When you are spending 8-hours out of your day at work and in shared space with your co-workers, it can be easy to pick up a cold. There are a few steps to avoid getting sick at work and we want to help you out with today’s blog.

• Remember to wash your hands frequently. Germs are everywhere, on door handles, elevator buttons, microwave displays, and more. Wash your hands with warm water and anti-bacterial soup, frequently. In addition, with all that washing, you want to remember to moisturize your hands with a lotion. This cold and dry season can be very rough on your skin.

• Try to avoid touching your face. If you touch something that may be contaminated and then touch your face, you could get sick very easily.

• Try to stay away from someone that is sick. By keeping your distance, you are less likely to become infected. You could also recommend your co-worker to stay home from work to prevent the spread of the illness.

• Have tissues and hand sanitizer readily available at your desk, cubicle, or workspace. As well as hand sanitizer, sanitizing wipes or spray to disinfect common areas is a good idea.

• Sharing items like your keyboard, phone, or computer mouse are easy ways to obtain an illness. Try to avoid sharing these items when someone is ill. If you cannot avoid sharing, remember to disinfect them as much as you can.

We hope you can avoid catching a cold or flu this season. Feel free to share these helpful suggestions with your co-workers, friends, and family.

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