A Basic Road Safety Refresher for Wisconsin Drivers

You may strive to be a safe and responsible driver, but you can’t control how other drivers behave, so it’s a wise idea to financially protect your vehicle with auto insurance. It’s easy to become complacent about common safety issues, so regularly go through a basic road safety checklist.

Here are some road safety refresher tips:

•    Always try to look ahead and avoid possible problems such as a stalled or broken down vehicle, or dangerous debris on the road.

•    Keep your hands on the steering wheel, and not on your smart phone. Bear in mind conversation can divert your attention from the road.

•    Take note of dangerous or speeding drivers and calmly allow them to pass without acknowledging their bad road behavior.

•    Always keep some distance between you and the car directly in front. It can be tempting to slip too close if you’re both traveling at the same speed, but remember the three-second rule. A three-second space between your vehicle and the one in front should give you enough room to stop in an emergency situation.

Of course, accidents do happen, even to the safest of Wisconsin drivers, which is why auto insurance is important. An unexpectedly large pothole, a stray animal darting onto the road, or a mechanical malfunction can happen without warning. One way to help lower the risk of an accident is to always drive with a road safety attitude, by being aware, alert and in a calm frame of mind.


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