6 Benefits to Having a Green Roof

greenroofGreen roofs are becoming more popular in the United States. A green roof, otherwise known as a living roof, is covered with live vegetation. They can serve several purposes including absorbing rainwater, provide insulation, create a wildlife habitat, and provides landscaping.

As America begins to consider new roofing technologies—insurance companies are realizing that consumers are taking the extra step to protect their homes. Green roofs can offer more protection, meaning less total damage that can occur to a roof.

Here are 6 benefits to having a green roof:

1. They are aesthetically pleasing to the eye and help beautify a building. Green roofs are especially valued in cities and urban areas that are seeing a decrease in green space.

2. Green roofs retain rainwater, meaning there is less storm water runoff that can create stress on sewer systems. Instead, the water is taken in by the plants and then sent back into the atmosphere through transpiration and evaporation.

3. The plants on green roofs can also capture pollutants and atmospheric deposition in order to improve air quality. They can also be used to filter noxious gases.

4. Green roofs can reduce the amount of energy needed to control the temperature in a building. Therefore, this can help with heat control and energy efficiency. An extensive green roof reduced the energy demand for air conditioning in the summer by over 75%, according to the National Research Council of Canada.

5. As insurance professionals, we like to hear that green roofs are at a much lower burning heat load risk compared to normal roofs. However, it is important that green roofs are designed to offer fire protection and are abiding by all local fire codes.

6. Finally, green roofs are increasing biodiversity. This can have positive effects on our ecosystem, economy, and have impacts on communities.

As you can see, green roofs create benefits for both the environment and home/building owners. They can protect a building from some of the harmful tolls that weather plays on a roof. If you would like to learn more about green roofs you can go here.

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