5 Programs for Password Management

passwordFacebook, Twitter, Walgreens, US Bank, Southwest Airlines, and Gmail are just a few of the hundreds of sites that many people have registered for an online account. Each site requires a different email address or username along with a password that is protected with a number or capitalized letter. Everybody wants their security and personal information protected, however, how does anybody remember all of these passwords and usernames.

Personally, I have around 30-40 different websites that I am registered under. Each of these sites have one of my multiple email addresses or passwords linked to them. I try my best to always write these passwords down along with the accompanying usernames, but sometimes I do not have my list with me. It is also very difficult to always remember these passwords when you are logging onto sites from different computers such as a work computer, home computer, or school computer.

Luckily, there are programs set up for us that keep and store all off our passwords in one safe place.

Here are 5 popular password managers:

1. Dashlane
Dashlane is probably one of the best password management systems available. It’s also free, I strongly suggest you explore this awesome software.

2. Roboform
Roboform is another great password protection systems that works with a wide array of different browsers and mobile phones.

3. KeePass
This password protection system was designed for Microsoft Windows but also works with other systems such as Apple.

4. LastPass
This password management system is free and is available as a plugin for your computer.

5. 1Password
Last but not least, 1Password is a great system to protect your passwords and won’t slow down your computer.

Now go sign up for one of these great password management systems and stop having to hassle with trying to remember all of your usernames and passwords.


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