4 Ways to Celebrate Smart Irrigation Month

irrigation2July is typically one of the hottest months of the year. This means an increased amount of water is used in order to keep landscapes looking great. It’s important to recognize the importance of having a quality irrigation system and what’s a better time to check out your system than during Smart Irrigation Month.

Understandably, July is Smart Irrigation Month due to the hot weather and need to irrigate regularly. Smart Irrigation Month was created in order to raise awareness for the value of using water efficiently. In order to protect our community’s water supply, we need to start paying special attention to our personal water usage habits. This will also help take care of our local green spaces that help create environmental benefits.

1. Install a smart controller to your irrigation system. These controllers automatically adjust irrigation schedules based on daily weather changes. This means your landscape will only get irrigated when necessary.

2. Choose the right plants—there are grass and plants that require lower levels of water. You can also aerate your lawn once a year to keep soil healthy. You should also keep mulch around trees, bushes and plants to improve water penetration.

3. Maintain and upgrade your irrigation system every month. You should be adjusting sprinkler heads as needed, checking water pressure, inspecting for leaks, have your system audited, and winterize your system in colder climates.

4. Have your irrigation system installed properly and by a professional if you are unfamiliar with irrigation systems. Professionals have specialized knowledge about the climate in your area, irrigation technologies, and knowledge about the local building codes for licensing, backflow prevention, installation and more.

Take the time to review the above advice and review your irrigation habits. Smart irrigation will not only save the environment, but also save your wallet. Celebrate Smart Irrigation Month with Community Insurance & Associates.

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