How To: Improve Employee Communications

effectcommunicationCommunication is what makes businesses thrive. It creates an exchange of ideas, feelings, intentions, and builds respect. In order to practice effective communication, one must have listening, nonverbal, stress management, and emotional awareness skills. Developing effective communication skills is crucial in any organization; however, sometimes it can be difficult for people to adapt these skills.

The month of June is Effective Communication Month—which is a great time focus on improving employee communication at your place of business. Whether you are an employer, or employee, communication is key to any successful business. Take the time to learn how to communicate effectively, and then pass this information on to others at your place of business.

How To: Improve employee communications at your business

• Make sure you always keep your hands away from your mouth when speaking. This way your words will not be muffled and you do not sound like your are mumbling.
• If you ask a question, be silent and allow the person to answer.
• Always focus on the person that is speaking. Maintain eye contact, without typing, looking away, writing, or watching someone else.
• Listen with your ears, but also with your eyes. Good communicators know how to ask the right questions, and then listen to the response as well as watching the person’s body language.
• Don’t be afraid to ask for clarification. If you are confused or do not understand something, try repeating your interpretation in question form: “Basically, what you are asking is…?”
• Build strong relationships with coworkers. Always say, “good morning” or “how’s your day going?”
• Open your mind up to new ideas. Don’t immediately reject an idea, take some time to think it over and really process whether it is a good plan or not.
• Finally, educate yourself as much as possible on how to be  a good communicator. Jump on the opportunity to improve your communication skills—this will really help you proceed and progress.

Begin by enhancing your own communication skills, and then you can move on to educating others. Becoming a great communicator will improve your career, build your relationships, and make your days more rewarding.

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